Associated Events Additional events organised alongside with CRITIS 2016

Several C(I)IP-related events will be organised at UIC during the next days after CRITIS. Most of these additional events will be organised in parallel and will be open to CRITIS participants, but the number of places is limited. Registration is therefore made on a "first come first served" basis. If you wish to attend one of these additional events, please email the respective coordinator. An option to attend one of these events will also be included in the CRITIS main registration form.

IMPROVER Workshop (13 October 2016, 10:00 – 17:00)

The IMPROVER H2020 project (Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to Critical Infrastructure) organises annual workshops with associated partners such as CI operators, emergency services, etc. to obtain their feedback on the progress of the project and validate results.

After the first year, results from the project suggest that public expectations for continued service during and after disasters are high, and that there is an expectation gap in terms of the services CI operators should provide in the aftermath of a disaster.

This workshop ("Meeting public expectations in response to crises") aims to discuss how infrastructure operators meet these requirements today and how this can be improved. The program will begin with a short introduction to the project and then detail our findings with regards to the tolerance of the public to service disruption. We will then present some scenarios which could affect critical infrastructure services before discussing with the operators about public expectations and crisis management.

The workshop is intended for the IMPROVER associate partners to discuss the public expectations of critical infrastructure in times of crises; however we would welcome and encourage all who are interested to attend, including infrastructure owners and operators; emergency response agencies and national emergency management authorities; as well as researchers.

The workshop will be interactive and breakout groups will focus on individual infrastructure sectors including water, transportation and energy.
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  • project coordinator David Lange email
  • project dissemination manager Laura Melkunaite email

CIPRNet Plenary Meeting (13-14 October 2016)

This will be a one and a half day private event reserved to the CIPRNet Consortium members.

Contact project coordinator: Erich Rome email